Monday, January 25, 2021
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AIA Job Manager
COBRA’s AIA module is designed to take the work out of AIA Jobs. The AIA module works with the core Job Costing module to help you produce the G702 and G703 reports required for AIA Jobs.

Contract Requested features include:
Full or Net Retainage Handling
Period Prices are updated through the Job Detail
Creates the G703 and G702 Requests for Payment
Accounts Receivable Invoice generated for proper handling of Retainage
Budgets can be pre-set for easy setup
Application History for review
Automatically updates Job Budgets with each Application Billing
Reverse Applications feature for correcting mistakes
Easy 1,2,3 design prevents mistakes in processing
Tracks Change Orders

Integrates with these COBRA modules:
Job Costing – updates Budgets and grabs Period Prices from Job Detail  
Kwik Estimator – Automatic Budget Breakouts and Scheduled Values

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