Monday, January 25, 2021
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For those contractors who have the need to track Materials in Inventory, COBRA offers an integrated set of features to put you in control.

Contractor Requested features include:
COBRA starts by giving you Bar Coding – for use with wireless devices and Bar Code readers.
Set Reorder Levels on the Items that you want to track in Inventory.
On-Hand Quantities are automatically reduced as Materials are posted to Job.
Automate the Reordering of Materials through the COBRA Purchase Orders module.
Transfer Materials between Trucks and other “sub”-Inventories.
‘Item Usage’ let’s you can see on-screen how much you normally buy for each month during the year based on normal actual usage.
‘Price History’ is also an automatic by-product of your Purchasing.
Pre-set Truck Material Lists can be set up and used to replenish Truck Stock.
Purchase Orders “Evaluate against Inventory’ feature let’s you evaluate a Material List against Inventory – so you only buy what you don’t have in Inventory.

Ingrates with these COBRA modules:
Job Cost  
Purchase Orders
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