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Purchase Orders
The COBRA Purchase Orders program was designed to put you in charge of your Material purchases

Contractor Requested features include:
BID REQUESTS – send your Material List to multiple Vendors for Quotes
BACK ORDER LISTS - plan your Labor based on when Materials are due
PENDING Purchase Orders – Pre-order your materials to lock in Pricing and availability
Supports either Lot Price or Item-by-Item Detail
Automatically updates Job Cost and “Committed Dollars” on the Job
Compares the Purchase Order amount against the Accounts Payable vendor invoice(s) to catch Over billings
Automated Price History keeps you on top of your Vendors
Cost Evaluation helps you decide which Vendor to buy from
Evaluate Material against Inventory On-Hand-Quantities to know what needs to be ordered
Imports let you create Purchase Order Material Lists without effort
Print, fax, e-mail Purcahse Orders

Integrates with these COBRA modules:
Job Cost – Automated Job Cost as Items are Receipted to Job  
Kwik Estimator – Import estimate Material list by Phase for Job
Inventory – Import Materials that need to be Reordered

For more on Purchase Orders:
Purchase Orders  
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