Monday, January 25, 2021
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Scheduling & Dispatch
COBRA’s Scheduling & Dispatch module is a fully-integrated module that is the core module to the Service Management suite of programs.

Contractor Requested features include:
View Schedules on-screen while setting up Jobs.
Scheduling conflict pop-ups help you avoid over scheduling Workers.
Instant access to a Customer’s Schedule let’s you schedule efficiently.
Change any Scheduling information quickly!
Grab past work / equipment history for Work Orders.
Print Schedules for Workers.
Schedule Workers for multiple Days / Weeks / Months.
User-definable Colored Flags indicate the current status of your Service Calls.
Find available Technicians for a Job by Date and Time.
Billing the Job can take the Job off the Scheduler.
Worker Schedules can be ‘Text Messaged’ to the field.

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Scheduling and Dispatch  
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